Sync & Bespoke Music

Soar Music Group brings over 10 years of experience in the music industry, having worked closely with many artists across the world from management to bookings, events and of course sync and bespoke music. Our expertise brings a wide variety of contacts and music to make your next campaign a big success. Whether it’s regarding a soundtrack of a game, a trailer for a movie, a TV commercial or just internal corporate videos, we have experience in each of these fields. With our wide array of music and top quality composers, we are flexible to work with both our existing music library or create custom made music for your projects.

We have worked on various placements of music in TV, online and radio commercials and movies. With our vast network of producers, composers, artists and music, we can produce great content within short periods of time whilst maintaining the best quality. Big brands that we have worked with include FIFA, Volkswagen, America’s Got Talent, Need For Speed, 8×4, Deichmann and many more.

Soar Music Group

Management, syncs, bookings, events and PR.


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