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Jelmer Rotteveel

Founder, CEO

Jelmer founded Soar Music Group at the end of 2019. Being in the music industry for over 10 years, he has previously worked at Dim Mak Records, ID&T and Spinnin’ Records.

In 2013 he started his own events and production brand under the name ‘Run The Trap’, creating over 50 events in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, India, China, Sweden, Italy, France and the United States. With the launch of Soar Music Group the idea is to work with a broader range of artists, labels and brands under one umbrella brand.

Peter Vlčko

Marketing & PR Manager

Hailing from Bratislava, Slovakia, Peter is currently undergoing the last year of his Creative Business bachelor study at NHL Stenden in the Netherlands.

Born into a musically-inclined family, his passion for music began at an early age, while an interest for the music business came during his university studies. He is hoping to shine a light on unknown music acts and to elevate them to their highest level, while adhering to and promoting the principles of transparency and sustainability.

Carlotta Frizzele

Playlisting & PR campaigns

Born in Udine, Italy and currently finishing her Music and Media Business Master at Bocconi University in Milan, Carlotta has a passion for music and live events.

After her music production course at SMU (Dallas, Texas), she has become interested in the intricacies of music promotion and artist management, and is keen to develop this knowledge further during her internship at Soar.

Julia Morliere

Playlisting campaigns & curation

Franco-American from Paris, France, Julia graduated her MA in Media and Creative Industries from Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her music interests have been explored through personal projects such as her graduation thesis on the creolization of electronic music in Amsterdam, Nour Magazine events & digital festival and artist manager to Michael Ekow in 2023.

She brings forward the underground and emerging talent in live and electronic music with an attention to the musical and cultural shifts happening across music scenes.


Stefano Meola

Business Development

Stefano is a music business and artist development expert with a passion for identifying and elevating emerging talent. His expertise in artist development, PR, and marketing is matched by his dedication to helping artists reach their full potential through personalised strategies that unite and strengthen networks.

With his extensive knowledge and tailored approach, Stefano creates successful business and artist development strategies that align with each client’s unique vision.

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